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La Cumbancha

Miami Lakes welcomes La Cumbancha, a culinary gem in Main Street promising an extraordinary Latin-fusion and European dining experience. Helmed by culinary luminary Julio Cabrera, known for his pivotal role in the Cantinero movement and co-ownership of MICHELIN-recommended Café La Trova, La Cumbancha embodies a Cuban-American concept inspired by 1970s Miami. The name, ‘La Cumbancha,’ reflects the Cuban-African term for a joyous gathering of family and friends to dance, play music, and drink.

Under Chef Carlos Hidalgo’s expertise, La Cumbancha offers an eclectic fusion of Cuban-inspired dishes with international influences. Highlights include mouthwatering pizza options from an original wood-fired oven, an enticing after-dinner menu featuring in-house desserts and Cabrera’s Café El Sacrificio and Sacrificio Cigars. Cabrera and the La Trova bar team elevate the experience with a cocktail menu blending tropical flavors, an innovative ‘Mocktails’ section, and a diverse wine list curated by top sommeliers. La Cumbancha distinguishes itself as the only venue in Miami Lakes featuring live music every night, creating a vibrant atmosphere that complements the culinary journey. With a 4000-square-foot space accommodating up to 200 guests, La Cumbancha resonates with the heartbeat of Cuba, offering outdoor spaces for cigars and cocktails, and private dining options for an intimate experience, led by a seasoned restaurant leadership team.


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