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El Novillo

Adhering to true Nicaraguan philosophy we seek only to offer the very best to our customers. The finest cut of beef has always been the tenderloin, which is precisely what is served to satisfy our guest´s appetites. Our now famed churrasco steak is a very lean tenderloin, from grass fed cattle, cut and prepared in a special Nicaraguan manner. Our menu is rich like our heritage, also offering seafood, poultry, and other meats, each prepared in unique local styles. The marinades, sauces and spices are all genuine Central American creations. Since Nicaraguans are famous for their hospitality, the same care taken in our food is transferred to our surroundings, service, and entertainment.

Our restaurants have been prominently featured in many local, national, and international newspapers and magazines. We hope that your experience with us will turn you not just into in a client but also a friend.


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